Committed to Sustainable Products and Practices


Biosuccinium® is a 100% bio-based succinic acid with a best-in-class environmental footprint

Consumers and companies increasingly care about the environmental impact of the products they make or buy. Clearly, this driver comes on top of the traditional requirements for performance and economical.

Biosuccinium® enables manufacturers and formulators to produce sustainable, bio-based products with substantially lower environmental footprints.

Reverdia’s patented low pH, yeast-based technology has proven to be the most sustainable process for production of bio-based succinic acid. The proprietary production method emits significantly less greenhouse gas in comparison to alternatives; on the one hand it is a more efficient process, while at the same time it locks CO2 into the final succinic acid molecule.

Furthermore, the yeast-based process consumes less energy, and does not produce salts as a by-product, as opposed to alternative technologies such as bacterial-based fermentation.

This is demonstrated by the Biosuccinium® lifecycle assessment (LCA), executed by the renowned Copernicus Institute. This LCA compares various production routes for bio-based succinic acid; the key findings are published in the peer-reviewed journal Biofpr and is available online.

A 1-page summary is published in ICIS Chemical Business, December 2013 issue.

This transparent approach further underpins Reverdia’s commitment to long-term sustainability and developing renewable materials. The company continues to fully focus on the positive impacts which bio-based products can bring to society.