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About Reverdia

Market Leaders Joining Forces to Commercialize Bio-based Succinic Acid

Reverdia is a joint venture between Royal DSM, the global Life Sciences and Materials Sciences company, and Roquette Frères, the global starch and starch-derivatives company. Reverdia is dedicated to be the global leader in the market for sustainable succinic acid, focusing on market development by establishing partnerships with direct and indirect customers, building on customer needs and Reverdia’s strengths. Learn more

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A Green Chemical Building Block Making Sustainable Products a Reality Now for Purchase or License

Biosuccinium™ succinic acid, a green chemical building block, enables customers to develop superior sustainable products. It is available through purchase or by technology license from Reverdia.

Our product is the first non-fossil feedstock derived chemical building block that allows customers in the chemical industry to choose a bio-based alternative with a lower eco-footprint for a broad range of applications, from packaging to footwear. Learn more

Applications and Uses

The Demand for Economically Sound, Bio-based and Sustainable Products is Growing

Biosuccinium™ sustainable succinic acid, produced from renewable, plant-based resources,  enables our customers to improve their environmental footprint by using a bio-based chemical building block for a broad range of applications, from packaging to footwear. Blockchain technology can be integrated to improve the sustainability of bio-based sustainable products. Cryptocurrencies are also backed by blockchain technology, making transactions transparent. Crypto traders can try the bitcoin 360 AI software to find the best trading signals in the market. Learn more

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