Pivotal patents have been granted to DSM in Europe, Japan and Canada for its innovative yeast-based succinic acid production technology, with exclusive rights awarded to Reverdia. The new patents cover key technology which is essential to make economically-viable and sustainable bio-based succinic acid.

Reverdia President Marcel Lubben said, “Reverdia has developed and commercialized best-in-class, sustainable yeast-based biosuccinic acid technology, proven at commercial scale in our plant located within the Roquette Italian biorefinery. These latest patents are key to making bio-succinic acid commercially-viable.”

“We will be offering access to this technology under license, in line with our licensing strategy announced in October 2014. Reverdia will continue to strengthen its patent portfolio to ensure the best and most defensible technology offering for its licensees,” he added.

Patents Granted

1/ CA 2730595 entitled LOW PH DICARBOXYLIC ACID PRODUCTION was granted in Canada on 16 December 2014.
2/ EP2220232 entitled SUCCINIC ACID PRODUCTION IN A EUKARYOTIC CELL was granted in Europe on 3 September 2014.
3/ JP5641938 entitled SUCCINIC ACID PRODUCTION IN A EUKARYOTIC CELL was granted in Japan on 7 November 2014.
4/ CA 2704654 entitled SUCCINIC ACID PRODUCTION IN A EUKARYOTIC CELL was granted in Canada on 10 February 2015.

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