Biosuccinium™ Applications

Polyester Polyols for Polyurethanes

Biosuccinium™ can be used to replace petrochemical-based adipic acid in the production of polyester polyols for polyurethanes.

Polyurethanes are used in a wide variety of applications like adhesives for hot melt applications, coatings, sealants, (thermoplastic) elastomers for artificial leather applications and shoe soles, flexible and rigid foams. This provides many market opportunities in a diverse range of industries like construction, footwear, automotive, furniture, insulation, architecture and bedding.

By replacing 1 kilo of petrochemical adipic acid with Biosuccinium™, manufacturers can reduce their carbon footprint by over 8 kg CO2. Learn more about the ecological benefits of Biosuccinium™.

The combination of Biosuccinium™ with Biosuccinium-based 1,4 butanediol (once available) could create an 100% bio-based polyester polyol and an almost 100% bio-based polyurethane.

Petroleum-based Polyester Polyols


Bio-based Polyester Polyols