20 June 2017

Reverdia will join leading polyurethanes (PU) manufacturers to display a range of biomaterials at PSE Europe 2017 in Munich, Germany. These innovative Biosuccinium®-based polyurethanes have a significant share of bio-based content, reduced carbon footprint and will enable more sustainable products.

The samples include industrial components (cast PU), artificial leather (PU dispersion) and a range of products specifically for the footwear industry such as shoe soles for casual shoes (microcellular PU) and a sole plate (TPU) for football boots and other field sports. The bio-based content is as high as 60% in the case of the TPU and the artificial leather. All of these parts have been manufactured using Biosuccinium®, which has a 90% lower carbon footprint than petro-based adipic acid.

Lawrence Theunissen, Global Director Application Development at Reverdia said, “I’m very excited to present these Biosuccinium®-based polyurethanes which can be used in footwear and automotive products. Reverdia is building on its existing co-development partnerships along the value chain to demonstrate the many opportunities bio-succinic acid offers to PU producers.”

Lawrence Theunissen will join PSE Europe’s seminar programme on 27 June. He presents at 3:45pm and will showcase Reverdia’s applications which enable bio-based performance urethanes.

Reverdia can be found at stand 474 during PSE Europe 2017, which takes place 27-29 June in Munich.

About Reverdia

Reverdia enables the bio-based materials of tomorrow with its industry-leading Biosuccinium® offering. It works with brand owners and manufacturers on application co-development for sustainable products. Produced since 2012, Biosuccinium® is sold globally. The Biosuccinium® Technology is also offered under license to value chain partners and co-producers.

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