14 December 2017

Reverdia has been awarded Halal and Kosher certifications for its Biosuccinium® S grade of bio-succinic acid. The speciality grade, which is registered under the ECOCERT Natural and Organic Cosmetics Standard as 100% natural origin, is designed for markets which require high quality and purity.

Biosuccinium® S is an active ingredient for health and beauty products. Its derivatives can be used in a wide variety of markets. Consumer applications down the value chain include personal care and pharmaceuticals through to food and flavours. Reverdia’s new certifications mean that it can now offer its global supply for the growing Halal and Kosher consumer segments.

“Our customers require that we meet Halal and Kosher standards so that they can reach additional markets, unlocking new regions and applications,” said Marcel Lubben, President of Reverdia. “These regulated markets are increasingly important drivers for sectors other than food, such as pharmaceuticals, oral care and cosmetics. We are happy to announce that our Biosuccinium® S grade, which is fully renewable and made from 100% natural resources, is now available to our clients in these important sectors.”

The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America granted Kosher certification to Reverdia’s Biosuccinium® S, produced in its Cassano production plant in Italy. The Halal certification has been approved by the Halal Correct Certification Foundation based in Leiden, Netherlands.

About Reverdia

Reverdia enables innovative bio-based materials with its industry- leading bio-succinic acid. It works with brand owners and manufacturers on application development for sustainable products based on Biosuccinium®, which has been produced since 2012 and is sold globally. Biosuccinium® Technology is also offered under license to value chain partners and co-producers.

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