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Reverdia’s Biosuccinium® S Granted Halal and Kosher Certifications

14 December 2017 Reverdia has been awarded Halal and Kosher certifications for its Biosuccinium® S grade of bio-succinic acid. The speciality grade, which is registered under the ECOCERT Natural and Organic Cosmetics Standard as 100% natural origin, is designed for markets which require high quality and purity. Biosuccinium® S is an active ingredient for health […]

VAUDE Launches Footwear Range Containing Biosuccinium®

20 July 2017 Reverdia’s Biosuccinium® has been used in the production of biobased materials for VAUDE’s new Skarvan range. As part of the completely redesigned Summer 2018 Shoe Collection, they offer consumers a sustainable choice of trekking shoe with high-end design and were unveiled at the OutDoor 2017 show in Friedrichshafen, Germany. “With the SS18 Collection, we have taken a […]

New Biomaterials Showcase Biosuccinium® as Front-runner with Winning Footprint

20 June 2017 Reverdia will join leading polyurethanes (PU) manufacturers to display a range of biomaterials at PSE Europe 2017 in Munich, Germany. These innovative Biosuccinium®-based polyurethanes have a significant share of bio-based content, reduced carbon footprint and will enable more sustainable products. The samples include industrial components (cast PU), artificial leather (PU dispersion) and […]

New Natural and Multifunctional Emulsifier Launched, Based on Biosuccinium® S and Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil

Bonderalia Italia has announced the launch of ECOBOND PKW, a natural and multifunctional emulsifier derived from Reverdia’s Biosuccinium® S. This new emulsifier also contains organic pumpkin seed oil and is available through the distribution company SACI- CFPA. ECOBOND PKW has remarkable emulsifying properties and characteristics which distinguish it from existing products. Benefits include skin hydration, […]

Biosuccinium® S Grade Approved 100% Natural By ECOCERT

Reverdia’s new Biosuccinium® S grade has been registered under the ECOCERT Natural and Organic Cosmetics Standard, meaning it has been approved as 100% natural origin.  This new grade of bio-succinic acid will enable high-quality bio-based personal care products such as body cleansers, shampoos and soaps. Biosuccinium® S grade can also be used in cosmetics products […]

Reverdia Hires New Business Development Manager, Grows Commercial Team

16 December 2016 Alexander Krapivin has joined Reverdia as Business Development Manager, effective immediately. He will work with the company’s Commercial Team to maximise opportunities in the rapidly-growing global market for bio-succinic acid. Krapivin previously worked at GFBiochemicals, developing the market for bio-based platform chemicals in applications such as resins and coatings, bioplastics and downstream […]

Reverdia and Xinfu Sign Agreement for Biosuccinium® Supply and Collaboration

15 November 2016 Reverdia announced today that it has signed a strategic partnership with Hangzhou Xinfu Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (Xinfu). The partnership represents a collaboration to adopt Biosuccinium® in bio-based polymers and co-polymers for the packaging industry, as well as a long-term supply agreement. Xinfu is a global pioneer in fully biodegradable resins […]

Reverdia Tops the Bioeconomy Hot 40

4 November 2016 Reverdia has been awarded the #1 spot in this year’s ‘40 Hottest Emerging Companies in the Advanced Bioeconomy’. The ranking is an important industry endorsement of innovation and achievement in bio-based chemicals and materials. This recognition builds upon a successful year for Reverdia. It has launched partnerships with Protea Chemicals, Xinhuarun and Wageningen […]

鑫华润与 Reverdia 合作开发微孔发泡鞋底

2016 年 10 月 11 日 日前,Reverdia 和德州鑫华润科技有限公司签署了合作协议,以共同开发推广 基于生物基丁二酸的微孔聚氨酯泡沫,此新的发泡材料将用于鞋底及其他应用 。鑫华润总部位于中国,其产品远销亚洲,美国,欧洲及中东。 鑫华润董事长梁砚枝女士表示,“在微孔发泡鞋底应用中,鑫华润将选择 Reverdia作为生物基丁二酸独家供应商。随着合作的进展,我们将与Reverdia 继续开展在其他目标市场的产品开发及商业化。这些新兴材料的市场预估将超 过 5 亿美金。” Reverdia 总裁 Marcel Lubben 表示:“能够和鑫华润这样领先的公司合作, 参与到新一代可持续性鞋材的开发中,我们很高兴。这样的合作及未来扩展到 其他领域的潜力表明了 Reverdia 生物基丁二酸能够为鑫华润生物基材料带来优 异的性能及一流的碳排放降低。” 德州鑫华润 简介 鑫华润致力于功能性鞋靴鞋底材料的研究与制造,以多种材料的合成方法、化 学改性技术、共混改性技术、动态硫化技术引领制鞋材料行业发展,我们与国 内外一线品牌厂商保持长期稳定合作,形成战略性合作伙伴。 Reverdia 简介 Reverdia以行业领先的Biosuccinium™生物基丁二酸助力生物基材料发展。我 们与品牌厂商及生产厂商广泛合作,打造可持续性产品。自 2012 年起, Biosuccinium™在全球布局销售,并为产业链合作伙伴开放技术授权。 更多信息,请访问 Media Contact Kathryn Sheridan Sustainability Consult [email protected] Europe: +32 496 116198 North America: (202) 470 […]

Xinhuarun and Reverdia Partner to Develop Microcellular Foam Shoe Soles

5 October 2016 Reverdia and Dezhou Xinhuarun Technology (Xinhuarun) have signed an agreement to jointly develop and promote Biosuccinium™-based microcellular polyurethane (PU) foams. These new microcellular foams will be used in soles for footwear and further applications. Based in China, Xinhuarun’s products are exported across Asia, America, Europe and the Middle East. Ms. Liang Yanzhi, […]

Reverdia and Wageningen UR Launch Development of Durable Bio-PBS Compounds

A joint development programme on bio-based PBS (polybutylene succinate) compounds for injection moulding has been launched by Reverdia and Wageningen UR Food & Biobased Research. The new bio-PBS compounds will be durable and based on Biosuccinium™. Development will focus on longevity, appearance and processing characteristics. Plastic product manufacturers such as RPC Promens and Teamplast will […]

Paints Launched By Mäder Based On Reverdia’s Biosuccinium™

Mäder, the leading producer of paints and coatings, will launch its new range of bio-based alkyd paints using Biosuccinium™ from Reverdia, in collaboration with Roquette. The new innovative paint range is based on a combination of Reverdia’s Biosuccinium™ and Roquette’s POLYSORB® isosorbide, allowing for key physical properties, such as hardness and scratch resistance. Both Biosuccinium™ […]

Reverdia Wins Bio Business Award for Leading Bio-Based Packaging Partnership

As a lead partner in the innovative ADMIT Bio-SuccInnovate consortium, Reverdia has been awarded ‘Bio-Based Chemical Partnership of the Year’. The manufacturer of bio-succinic acid received the Bio Business Award at World Bio Markets 2016 in Amsterdam. Reverdia contributes its best-in-class Biosuccinium™ technology to help develop bio-based and biodegradable plastic packaging through the Climate-KIC initiative, […]

Ad Smolders Joins Reverdia As Operations Director

Reverdia has announced that Ad Smolders will join the company as Operations Director, effective immediately.  Smolders previously worked at DSM for seventeen years in various international technology and manufacturing assignments.  More recently, he has overseen an extensive number of operations projects, including the optimisation of yeast plants, as a consultant and interim manager. Marcel Lubben, […]


Reverdia宣布新的亚太区业务发展经理 Reverdia全球商务管理层将携新的亚太区业务发展经理出席在上海的2016年国际橡塑展,同时将在展台N3K11展示业内最佳的Biosuccinium™生物基丁二酸。 本次国际橡塑展将作为一个完美的平台来展示生物基丁二酸在聚氨酯,PBS,树脂及其他生物基塑料方面的应用,Biosuccinium™品牌已经成功的取得商业化,同时Reverdia也欢迎所有针对专利技术许可的合作。 Reverdia全球商务总监Jo Kockelkoren表示:“随着我们在许多目标行业取得的商业化成功和合作伙伴的建立,我们相信张窦致先生的加入将会带给我们在中国及亚太区更多的成就,张先生在聚氨酯及塑料行业有着丰富的经验。”   关于Reverdia Reverdia是荷兰皇家帝斯曼(DSM, 国际生命科学及材料科学公司)和法国罗盖特(Roquette Frères,国际淀粉及淀粉衍生物公司)的合资公司。Reverdia沿袭了两家公司的行业领先地位和经验,生产、销售并推广Biosuccinium™品牌生物基丁二酸。 更多信息,请访问

Reverdia Announces Business Development Manager Asia – Exhibiting At Chinaplas 2016

Reverdia’s global commercial management team, together with its newly-hired Business Development Manager Asia, will attend Chinaplas 2016 in Shanghai.  Reverdia will exhibit its best-in-class Biosuccinium™ bio-succinic acid at stand N3K11. Chinaplas offers the perfect opportunity to showcase bio-succinic acid as a feedstock for plastic products.  The platform chemical has applications in polyurethanes, polybutylene succinate (PBS), […]

Reverdia Ranked Number 35 In Biofuels Digest Hot 50

Reverdia has been voted number 35 in this year’s Hot 50 rankings.  The announcement was made live at the 2016 Advanced Bioeconomy Leadership Conference (ABLC 2016).  Reverdia President Marcel Lubben attended the ceremony and also spoke at the conference in Washington DC, USA. “This is decisive recognition from the industry,” said Marcel.  “Biofuels Digest’s shortlist […]

Reverdia Announces Business Development Manager Asia

Reverdia announced today that Forrest Zhang has joined the company as Business Development Manager Asia, effective immediately. Zhang brings commercial experience from his role as Business Development Leader at DuPont. Previously, he also  worked at Chemtura, Huntsman and BASF. Zhang will be responsible for strengthening Reverdia’s Biosuccinium™ business across China. He will report to Jo […]

BioAmber and Reverdia Sign A Non-Assert Agreement Concerning Reverdia’s Biosuccinium™ Technology

Geleen, the Netherlands, 7 January 2016. Reverdia has signed a non-assert agreement concerning its Biosuccinium™ technology with BioAmber Inc. BioAmber Inc. and Reverdia are both involved in the production and commercialization of bio-based succinic acid using their own unique proprietary yeast-based technologies. Pursuant to the key provisions of this agreement, BioAmber will benefit from non-assertion […]

Reverdia and Omnia Sign Strategic Collaboration Agreement

Reverdia and Protea Chemicals, a division of Omnia, are today announcing an exclusive strategic collaboration agreement to distribute Biosuccinium™ in Africa and Australia, as well as for potential investment in and off-take from future Biosuccinium™ plants.  The two companies will work closely together to develop the African and Australian markets for bio-succinic acid. “Concluding this […]

Covestro and Reverdia develop bio-based TPU

New partnership for plastics from renewable raw materials Improved carbon footprint along the process chain Covestro, formerly Bayer MaterialScience, and Reverdia have reached an agreement to jointly develop and promote thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU) based on renewable raw materials. Covestro will employ Biosuccinium™ succinic acid from Reverdia for the production of its Desmopan® -brand TPU for […]

Reverdia Lead Partner In BioSuccInnovate Consortium

22 July 2015 Reverdia has joined the consortium ADMIT BioSuccInnovate, an innovative Climate-KIC initiative funded by the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT), along with the Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences (IBERS) at Aberystwyth University and other European partners. The Consortium will explore with CIMV, a biorefining company, the use of locally-available […]

Reverdia Appoints New Business Development Manager

Reverdia announced today that Pascal Moritz has been appointed New Business Development Manager for Europe, effective from 1 May 2015. Pascal Moritz brings a wealth of experience and a strong industry network to Reverdia. He was previously Business Manager at the bio-based polymers division at Roquette Frères for over 20 years, in various commercial roles. […]

Bio-succinic Acid Wins Biofuels Digest Chemical Of The Year Award

Leading news outlet Biofuels Digest gave its prestigious Chemical of the Year award to bio-succinic acid, naming producers BioAmber and Reverdia.  Reverdia’s 10,000 tons/year commercial Biosuccinium™ plant  was credited as well as its Biosuccinium™ licensing offering. Biofuels Digest wrote, “The acid was the first non-fossil feedstock-derived chemical building block that allows customers in the chemical […]

New Reverdia Patents Strengthen Biosuccinium™ Licensing

Pivotal patents have been granted to DSM in Europe, Japan and Canada for its innovative yeast-based succinic acid production technology, with exclusive rights awarded to Reverdia. The new patents cover key technology which is essential to make economically-viable and sustainable bio-based succinic acid. Reverdia President Marcel Lubben said, “Reverdia has developed and commercialized best-in-class, sustainable yeast-based biosuccinic acid technology, proven at […]

Biosuccinium™ Earns USDA Certified Biobased Product Label

Reverdia has earned the USDA Certified Biobased Product Label for its Biosuccinium™ bio-succinic acid. The USDA Certified Biobased Product Label verifies that the product’s amount of renewable biobased ingredients meets or exceeds levels set by USDA. Biobased products are finished or intermediate materials composed in whole or in significant part of agricultural, forestry, or marine […]

Biobased Polymers Go Big

Chemical & Engineering News, October 27, 2014 By Melody M. Bomgardner Corporate ingenuity and determination is starting to pay off, but products must still be muscled into the supply chain Consumers who are paying close attention will soon notice a change in products they use every day. Some diapers, clothing, athletic shoes, and automobile tires currently […]

Reverdia Adds Licensing To Biosuccinium™ Portfolio

1 October 2014 In addition to its production capacity of about 10,000 tonnes/year out of the Cassano, Italy Biosuccinium™ plant, Reverdia announced today at the European Forum for Industrial Biotechnology (EFIB) that it is now licensing Biosuccinium™.  This is a clear advantage for companies who want to integrate bio-succinic acid production into their business offering, […]

Plastic from Maize is Ready for Breakthrough

Article from local Dutch newspaper De Limburger on Reverdia’s facility in Cassano, Italy where making plastics from corn is now ready for a breakthrough. Read the full article (in Dutch). Source: Het auteursrecht, ook ten aanzien van artikel 15 AW, wordt uitdrukkelijk voorbehouden. Zaterdag, 21 juni 2014

No Shortcuts to the Top: A Digest Special Report on Scale-up in Industrial Biotechnology

In May 2014 at the BIO World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology in Philadelphia, five leaders, including Reverdia’s Marcel Lubben,  gathered in a session titled “Successfully Scaling Up Industrial Fermentations of Chemicals and Fuels,” to look at those very factors. Read more on their presentations from Biofuels Digest.

Reverdia aims to tap Chinese plastics market with PBS

The Netherlands based Reverdia showcases the polybutylene succinate (PBS) – a biodegradable polymer – that will enable the Chinese plastic industry to reduce the carbon foot-prints and achieve higher sustainability. Showcasing for the first time at Chinaplas 2014, Reverdia demonstrates the Biosuccinium™ sustainable succinic acid enables the production of a bio-based PBS (polybutylene succinate) with […]

Reverdia aims to tap Chinese plastics market with PBS

The Netherlands based Reverdia showcases the polybutylene succinate (PBS) – a biodegradable polymer – that will enable the Chinese plastic industry to reduce the carbon foot-prints and achieve higher sustainability. Showcasing for the first time at Chinaplas 2014, Reverdia demonstrates the Biosuccinium™ sustainable succinic acid enables the production of a bio-based PBS (polybutylene succinate) with […]

Reverdia showcases Biosuccinium™ 100% bio-based succinic acid and underlines its importance for the Chinese plastics market

Reverdia 20H 6167 RD Geleen The Netherlands email [email protected] April 22, 2014 As a first time exhibitor at Chinaplas 2014, Reverdia demonstrates the benefits of Biosuccinium™ sustainable succinic acid and highlights the value of partnership with the Chinese plastics industry. At Chinaplas 2014, Reverdia will demonstrate the benefits of Biosuccinium™, a succinic acid with 100% […]

Reverdia shows 100% bio-based succinic acid at the American Coatings Show

American Coatings Show | Booth # 2421 Biosuccinium™ sustainable succinic acid for the production of resin, coating, adhesive, and sealant products with a higher bio-based content and lower environmental footprint. As a first time exhibitor at the American Coatings Show 2014, Reverdia will highlight the benefits of Biosuccinium. This 100% bio-based succinic acid offers a more […]

Marcel Lubben Named President Reverdia

Reverdia Urmonderbaan 20H 6167 RD Geleen The Netherlands email [email protected] January 6, 2014 Reverdia announced today that Marcel Lubben (1967) has been appointed President, effective January 1, 2014. Reverdia, a joint venture between Royal DSM and Roquette Frères is dedicated to be the global leader in the market for sustainable succinic acid. Reverdia combines DSM’s […]

Yeast-based Route to Succinic Acid is Best

9-15 December 2013 | ICIS Chemical Business Researchers at the University of Utrecht have shown that a low-pH yeast route to succinic acid has the lowest environmental impact in terms of energy use and carbon emissions. Bio-based succinic acid is starting to attract attention as a versatile renewable raw material in the production of a number of polymers and chemicals, notably 1,4-butanediol, […]

非常荣幸与您在PU China的展会上见面洽谈!

非常荣幸与您在PU China的展会上见面洽谈!同时非常感谢您对我公司产品:生物基丁二酸Biosuccinium™的兴趣!如您需要更多关于研发生产生物基产品方面的信息,请访问我公司的网站  或者发邮件至 [email protected] 让我们一起努力让我们的地球变得更好!

It was a Pleasure Meeting you at PU China

It was a pleasure meeting you at PU China!  Thank you for your interest in Biosuccinium™  sustainable succinic acid. For more information on how to develop more sustainable products, please contact us at [email protected] Let’s make the planet better, together.

Thank you for visiting us at the ECS

It was a pleasure to meet you during the ECS in Nuremberg. Thank you for stopping by our booth to learn how Biosuccinium – 100% bio-based succinic acid – can enable sustainable materials. We will follow-up with specific actions as agreed in our meeting at the show as soon as possible. If you have any […]

Reverdia Wins 2013 Bio-based Chemicals Award for Partnership of the Year at World Biofuels Markets 2013

Bio-based chemicals Award Recognizes Reverdia’s Innovative Approach within the Bio-based Chemicals Sector. (March 13th, 2013) Geleen – Reverdia ( proudly announces that it has won the 2013 Bio-based Chemicals Award in the Partnership of the Year sector. The knowledge and experience of DSM and Roquette combined with Reverdia’s commitment to be the global leader in […]

Reverdia Wins DSM Research Award

DSM, one of the partners in the Reverdia joint venture, granted the DSM Research Award to the project team working on the development of the process to create Reverdia’s Biosuccinium. The DSM Research Award is a corporate DSM award that forms part of the DSM Innovation Awards Program to encouraging innovative, out-of-the-box thinking in the […]

Reverdia Starts Operations at the World’s First Large-scale Plant for Bio-based Succinic Acid

December 13, 2012 Reverdia | Urmonderbaan 20H | 6167 RD Geleen | The Netherlands email [email protected] Company delivers on promise to come on-stream before year’s end, using unique and proprietary low-pH yeast technology to make Biosuccinium™ with best-in-class environmental footprint Reverdia, the joint venture between life sciences and materials sciences company DSM and Roquette Frères, […]

Reverdia and Helm Partner for Biosuccinium™ Distribution and Market Development in Europe

Reverdia | Urmonderbaan 20H | 6167 RD Geleen | The Netherlands | email [email protected] Helm AG | Nordkanalstrasse 28 | D – 20097 Hamburg | Germany | email [email protected]   October 16, 2012 Reverdia, a joint venture between DSM and Roquette, and Helm have signed an agreement for the European distribution and joint market development […]

Reverdia with DuPont Tate & Lyle BioProducts Win Best Presentation Award at 2012 Polyurethanes Technical Conference

Lawrence Theunissen of Reverdia along with Robert Miller of DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio were awarded the Best Presentation Award at 2012 Polyurethanes Technical Conference (CPI) for their presentation “Evaluating the Properties and Performance of Susterra® 1,3 Propanediol and Biosuccinium™ Sustainable Succinic Acid in TPU Applications”.

Provichem® 2511 Eco Di-Methyl-Succinate Offers Unique Features for More Sustainable Applications

A collaboration between Proviron and Reverdia has resulted in the introduction of Provichem® 2511 Eco, a Di-Methyl-Succinate (DMS) that can be used as a solvent and a raw material for fine chemicals such as pigments and UV stabilizers. Biosuccinium™ is made from renewable resources and has a much better carbon footprint than several other fossil […]

CPI Announces Reverdia as Finalist for 2012 Polyurethane Innovation Award

Boral Composites, Huntsman and Reverdia Named Finalists WASHINGTON, D.C. (August 20, 2012) – The Center for the Polyurethanes Industry (CPI) of the American Chemistry Council (ACC) today announced the finalists for the 2012 Polyurethane Innovation Award. Boral Composites, Inc., Huntsman and Reverdia are this year’s finalists for the coveted Polyurethane Innovation Award and are each […]

Reverdia Joint Venture Launched

Press Release, 28 March 2012, Delft, the Netherlands (NL) Reverdia, Alexander Fleminglaan 1, 2613 AX  Delft, email [email protected] Advances leadership position in bio-based succinic acid with completion of world’s first large scale commercial production facility Reverdia, the joint venture between Royal DSM and Roquette Frères, has been formally approved by the relevant regulatory authorities. Reverdia […]

Strengthening the Ties

Biorefining Magazine By Bryan Sims | January 30, 2012 The demand for biobased materials for a range of products derived from their chemical building blocks is seemingly reaching an all-time peak. Clearly, momentum is on the side of biorefining companies such as Netherlands-based DSM N.V. and France-based starch and polyols producer Roquette Freres, which are […]

Chemical Industry Merger Okayed by European Commission – Reverdia by DSM + Roquette

Monday 19 December 2011 The European Commission granted clearance, on 16 December, to the proposed acquisition of joint control over Reverdia VOF, by the Dutch company DSM Succinic Acid BV, controlled by Koninklijke DSM NV and Roquette BV (belonging to the French group Roquette Frères). DSM is active in human and animal nutrition, pharmaceuticals, performance […]

A Sustainable Supply of Succinic Acid

The need to reduce dependency on fossil fuels, a growing world population and an increased concern for the environment are driving companies to supplement oil-based chemicals with plant-based, sustainable, high-quality chemical building blocks. Reverdia, a company backed up by DSM + Roquette, produces the sustainable succinic acid Biosuccinium™ with proprietary green technology. It enables customers […]

JV Partners Tout Packaging Potential of Bio-based Succinic Acid

A proprietary new form of bio-based succinic acid has ‘enormous potential’ as a building block in plastic food packaging, said DSM and Roquette as the European Commission gave the green light for their joint venture to produce the material., 21 December 2011

Hitting a New Stride

The biorefining sector is poised for commercial scale-up as funding strategies mature and production capacity grows. Biorefining Magazine, 21 November 2011

DSM and Roquette to Open Commercial Scale Bio-based Succinic Acid Plant in 2012

Royal DSM and Roquette Frères today announce that they will build a commercial scale plant for the production of bio-based succinic acid, the first non-fossil feedstock derived chemical building block that allows customers in the chemical industry to choose a bio-based alternative for a broad range of applications, from packaging to footwear.

DSM and Roquette to Start Bio-based Succinic Acid Joint Venture

Royal DSM N.V. and Roquette Frères today announce that they have signed a joint venture agreement for the production, commercialization and market development of bio-based succinic acid, subject to regulatory approvals and notifications.

DSM and ROQUETTE to Commercialize Bio-based Succinic Acid as of End 2009

Royal DSM N.V., the global Life Sciences and Materials Sciences company headquartered in the Netherlands, and the French starch and starch-derivatives company ROQUETTE confirmed during the international Life Sciences Forum, BioVision, that its bio-based succinic acid demonstration plant in Lestrem (France) will be operational by the end of 2009.

DSM and ROQUETTE Jointly Develop Bio-based Intermediate for ‘Green’ Performance Materials

Heerlen, NL, 18 January 2008 08:15 CET Royal DSM N.V., the global Life Sciences and Materials Sciences company headquartered in the Netherlands, and the French starch and starch-derivatives company ROQUETTE have joined forces to implement and commercialize the fermentative production of biorenewable succinic acid, which – amongst other applications – opens the possibility to produce […]