Sustainable Succinic Acid

A Green Building Block to Enable Production
of Bio-based Specialty Chemicals

Succinic acid is an important chemical used directly in a variety of industry applications, such as pharmaceuticals, food and automotive and also as an intermediate for the production of several polymers and resins. Until now succinic acid could only be produced from crude oil and natural gas, but with the advent of Biosuccinium™, succinic acid can now be produced via fermentation of sustainable, bio-based feedstocks delivering better environmental performance.  Reverdia’s innovative technology to produce bio-based succinic acid is unique in the world.

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What Makes Biosuccinium™
Unique to the Chemical Industry

Proprietary, Patented Yeast Technology

Production at Reverdia’s first commercial plant in Cassano, Italy uses proprietary fermentation technology to create the best product performance with more favorable long-term economics and environmental footprint.

Sustainable Process and Product

Reverdia technology is renewable with a more favorable Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and carbon footprint than alternative processes, which is becoming increasingly important to downstream customers.

Reliable Supply

Reverdia’s fully integrated biorefinery, backed by the strength of two market leaders DSM and Roquette, supplies bio-based products globally today which ensures confidence of Biosuccinium™ supply into the future.

Consistent High Quality

Biosuccinium™ has been produced, tested and validated and is of the highest quality and purity which is essential for applications where color and other criteria are important.

Stable pricing

Reverdia offers stable pricing, both in the short- an long term. This helps our customers to reduce the impact from the growing volatility of petrochemicals.

Biosuccinium™ is produced with sustainable, proprietary technology reliably yielding high quality, bio-based succinic acid
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