Reverdia has been voted number 35 in this year’s Hot 50 rankings.  The announcement was made live at the 2016 Advanced Bioeconomy Leadership Conference (ABLC 2016).  Reverdia President Marcel Lubben attended the ceremony and also spoke at the conference in Washington DC, USA.

“This is decisive recognition from the industry,” said Marcel.  “Biofuels Digest’s shortlist shows just how much interest there is for bio-succinic acid as a versatile building block for bioplastics.  Reverdia will continue to develop new applications using Biosuccinium™, together with our clients.  Next to offering our Biosuccinium™ product and application development services, Reverdia will continue to provide licenses to our patented low pH yeast technology to enable ambitious market growth of bio-plastics.”

The ‘50 Hottest Companies in the Advanced Bioeconomy’ is based on votes from both an invited panel of distinguished international selectors and also from subscribers of The Digest.  Invited selectors include equity analysts, investors, journalists, CEOs and industry executives across 20 countries.

You can view the full list from Biofuels Digest here.